You Won Your RDOF Bid. Now What?

In late 2020, we posted an article discussing the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), and what it entails for the communications and networking industry. Months later, Phase 1 of the project is well underway. A total of 180 corporations won bids to bring internet connection to 5,220,833 locations across 49 states and one territory. That means 99% of the eligible locations will be covered by internet access over the next 10 years! After the initial auction, winning bidders submitted their post-auction applications for support. As that’s done and your plans are approved, it’s time to start working! What should you do next, now that you’ve won your RDOF bid? 

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As you’re already aware, 40% of the locations in a state must be connected within three years, and then an additional 20% by the end of the fourth year and another 20% by the end of the fifth year.

So, there’s no time to waste.

Now that you’re ready to move forward with your plans, American Products wants to remind you that we are here to help you build your network while remaining on time and on budget.

Read on to learn how.

Integrated Solutions for RDOF Winners

The winning bidders can be classified into five provider categories: telephone, cable, electrical utility, wireless internet service providers and satellite.

American Products offers integrated solutions for telephone, cable, electrical utility and wireless providers.

What does an “integrated solution” entail?

In regard to American Products, it means our enclosures and products come ready to install. Just a few of the features that are factory configured on your enclosure include fiber optics installed by FOA-certified installers, power solutions, climate-control systems, equipment racks, a grounding terminal and more. In addition, we can design and build custom configurations on a per-site basis with your choice of power system and the correct number of fiber cables you need. We can also pretest all the components before the enclosure even leaves our facility.

This means you can order your enclosures, and when they reach the site, just unload them from the truck, hook up AC power input, splice your fiber and start activating customers.

In regard to shipping the enclosure to your site, we handle the logistics surrounding that as well.

The benefit? Purchasing an integrated enclosure solution can help you stay on budget and on schedule.

Here are the integrated solutions we offer each industry.

Telephone & Cable

Those of you in the telephone and cable industries might be looking at a few different enclosures for your projects.

One would be our shelters, which are ideal for setting up a central network location. Our shelters are big enough for your technicians to walk inside, which is more convenient when they need to perform service in inclement weather. In addition, shelters will obviously house more equipment. They’re also a great solution if you’re looking to partner with electrical utilities to provide service.

For non-central locations, our equipment cabinets are available in single, double or triple bays, depending on how much equipment you need to house. As an integrated solution, they come ready to accept small-count incoming fiber, so you can run large-count fiber out. Plus, they are available with climate control solutions. If you just need to split fiber to connect homes in a neighborhood, we also offer fiber passive optical network (PON) cabinets.

Some providers might be looking to reuse copper networks already in place. We have digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) enclosures to transition fiber input to copper output, which can save you even more time and money.

Electrical Utility

You’re probably not going to need as many smaller cabinets. But, our shelters are great to install at your substation to create a central aggregation point for your network. Then, you can run your fiber out and split it when you need to feed a home.

To help ensure your fiber is ready when you need to activate a new home, we offer H-frame fiber storage brackets that will hold up to 250’ of excess fiber.

Wireless Internet Service Provider

Whether your network setup requires larger or smaller cabinets, we have a solution for you. For smaller applications, we offer a variety of compact enclosures to meet your needs, including the tough-as-nails AP MINIFORT. As with the larger shelters and enclosures, we can integrate a variety of features and optional accessories into this product.

Partner with American Products to Meet Your RDOF Deadlines

Now that you’ve won your RDOF bid, are you ready to get started? If you’re interested in learning more about American Products integrated solutions, please contact our enclosure specialists at 417.323.6312. They can help you analyze your project scope and determine which enclosures are right for you, as well as how many you need. They’ll also work with our manufacturing facility to schedule your enclosures and help you meet RDOF deadlines.

Need enclosures fast? We have a number of models that are available for Quick Shipping. Your enclosure consultant can provide more details.