RDOF Is Here, Rural Broadband Is on the Way, and American Products Is Here to Help

What is RDOF, you ask? Although it’s certainly not an abbreviation for Rudolph – you know, the reindeer – it could mean that Christmas is coming early for some rural areas that have little or no internet service. RDOF is short for “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund,” which is a $20.4 billion fund that is being auctioned off beginning October 29, 2020. The goal of the fund is to build broadband networks that will target approximately six million underserved homes and businesses in rural areas. View the Auction 904 Final Eligible Areas map to view the areas eligible for the RDOF Phase I auction, which is known as RDOF Auction 904. Approximately 386 qualified bidders will bid for the rights to service these areas and the funding to help build their networks. Phase 1 of the RDOF Auction 904 begins tomorrow and will award $16 billion over a 10-year period. Phase 2 will award $4.4 billion.


Grounding and Bonding in the Telecommunications Industry

When it comes to grounding and bonding, opinions and perspectives number like stars in the sky. To understand these topics properly in the context of U.S. electrical systems and telecommunications cabling, it is important to separate fact from fiction and be familiar with associated codes, standards, and industry guidelines. (more…)

What Is ETL Certification?

You might have noticed that the AP MINIFORT™, AP LIBERTY™ and AP FREEDOM™ enclosure lines manufactured by American Products bear the ETL Certification Mark. What does this symbol convey, and why is it important?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conveys a designation of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), providing evaluation, testing, and certification of electrically operated products. NRTL organizations independently test products to applicable product safety specifications, such as those from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and other standards writing bodies. (more…)

Why Is It Important to Protect Telecom Equipment from Electrical Surges?

American Products can provide a fully integrated turn-key solution to meet specific design requirements. We have a very experienced engineering team and skilled technicians, backed by a Six Sigma-trained quality management group. This provides our customers with a faster time to deployment, cost savings, and consistently reliable product. Why is it Important to Protect Telecom Equipment Against Electrical Surges?



Why Is Integrating Products in the Factory Superior to Field Integration?

American Products can provide a fully integrated turn-key solution to meet specific design requirements. We have a very experienced engineering team and skilled technicians, backed by a Six Sigma-trained quality management group. This provides our customers with a faster time to deployment, cost savings, and consistently reliable product. Why is integrating products in the factory superior to field integration?


Liberty Series PON Enclosures

The Liberty Series PON Enclosures

Liberty Series PON Enclosures

Below Grade Fiber Distribution Hub

Nautilus is a patent-pending Below Grade Fiber Distribution Hub. The enclosure is the industry’s first below-grade single handle latching fiber distribution hub. With the Nautilus, you won’t have to worry about curious people or the typical above ground environment hazards like snow lows and lawn mowers that service the road way easements and can damage a or knock down your fiber cabinets.
We’ve designed the Nautilus to protect OSP fiber and provide connectivity for as many as 288 fiber counts. The enclosure even includes a mounting frame, so you can have easy access with lift-assist. Although our engineers designed the Nautilus for you to mount below grade in a vault. If you need to house PON, Feeder/Distribution, or any type of FTTx technology, the Nautilus is a reliable option.

Outdoor Fiber Distribution Hub

The Liberty Fiber Distribution Hub is both high in quality and competitive in price. Its sleek design makes it a great enclosure for rural and residential areas, and it can protect fibers that service up to 576 homes. How exactly does it work? This fiber distribution hub makes a secure transition point from the passive optical network (PON) to the subscriber drop for both pre-configured pigtail or patch-and-splice applications.
What sets the Liberty Fiber Distribution Hub apart are its one-of-a-kind universal splitter panel that allows the customer to use splitters from numerous manufactures without being locked into a proprietary splitter without having to reconfigure choice of splitter. Sleet, snow, ice, hail, and rain don’t stand a chance against these enclosures made out of .125 grade aluminum. You can custom order the hub to be pole or pad mounted.


At American Products, our team of experts specializes in creating state of the art fiber distribution hubs. If you’re interested in learning more about fiber optics or our Liberty Series PON enclosures, come see us at the Fiber Connect trade show, June 4-6 in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ll be at Booth #1411, and we would love to introduce you to our products.

American Products offers engineering and design services, which we use to tackle our customers’ unique requests and dilemmas. To create functional, efficient, and versatile telecommunication enclosures, we rely on top-notch technology and our employees’ expertise. If you like one of our standard products but it doesn’t quite meet your requirements, we can modify the design to create the ideal customized product for your needs. We also collaborate with our customers to create new products built to our customers’ specifications. Explore our full list of engineering and electronic enclosure design services, preview a few of our custom solutions, or contact us for more information.

What to Consider with an Electronic Enclosure Design

While the power of electronic hardware comes from its internal components, the product is typically recognized by its enclosure, the outer shell that encloses fiber-optic products, making them more appealing and user-friendly for the work environment. As a savvy telecommunications company in the age of DIY, you might consider creating your own custom electronic enclosure design with the help of American Products instead of purchasing a standardized enclosure. Although the experts at American Products will ensure that your custom solution is fully functional and engineered to meet your precise standards, in this post, we have outlined a few of the considerations to keep in mind when designing your own custom metal enclosure.


Benefits of Modular Enclosure Systems

Modular enclosure systems are designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment in local area networking, telecommunications, and industrial applications. They are designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while making the enclosures easier to use and faster to populate. Find out if a modular cabinet from American Products is right for you and your business.


Below-Grade Enclosures

Telephone, CATV, and Internet companies all use fiber optics to transmit data over long distances from a few hundred feet to hundreds of miles! Most of this fiber-optic cabling is located outside buildings, hanging from poles, pulled through conduit, submerged underwater, or even buried underground. Below-grade enclosures help keep those buried fiber-optic cables safe from environmental hazards and employees safe from the dangers of exposed telecommunications equipment.


Options for Enclosures

At American Products, we understand that every customer is unique. To suit our clientele’s wide range of applications and their distinct requests, we offer a number of different options for enclosures. When you find a product that meets your needs, explore the choices and upgrades available. If you can’t decide which features would be worthwhile to you, contact us for help. One of our enclosure specialists can help you sift through the possibilities or perhaps even help you design a custom enclosure.