Customer Service

Our Mission

Our team is invested in delivering designed solutions by being curious, vigilant, and aware of the future. Our employees and customers are our family. We strive to live honestly, openly, without fear, and with an uncompromising devotion to quality.

Steve Smith
President – American Products LLC

Customer Satisfaction

Having great electronic equipment enclosure products and low prices are insignificant if you lack customer satisfaction. For that reason, exceptional customer service is our primary goal at American Products. We are committed to delivering flawless service to every customer under all circumstances. We recognize that each customer is unique & we strive to tailor our services to meet your individual needs. At American Products, customer satisfaction is constantly measured & we welcome any feedback regarding our electronic and telecom equipment enclosures & services.

A Partner in Business

We understand the challenges and mindset of fellow North American manufacturers. Count on American Products to help hold down operating expenses while keeping production flowing. By keeping your Mission-Critical hardware running 24/7 in our electronic equipment enclosures we help you compete. Thank you for considering American made products and keeping the American economy growing.