RDOF Is Here, Rural Broadband Is on the Way, and American Products Is Here to Help

What is RDOF, you ask? Although it’s certainly not an abbreviation for Rudolph – you know, the reindeer – it could mean that Christmas is coming early for some rural areas that have little or no internet service. RDOF is short for “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund,” which is a $20.4 billion fund that is being auctioned off beginning October 29, 2020. The goal of the fund is to build broadband networks that will target approximately six million underserved homes and businesses in rural areas. View the Auction 904 Final Eligible Areas map to view the areas eligible for the RDOF Phase I auction, which is known as RDOF Auction 904. Approximately 386 qualified bidders will bid for the rights to service these areas and the funding to help build their networks. Phase 1 of the RDOF Auction 904 begins tomorrow and will award $16 billion over a 10-year period. Phase 2 will award $4.4 billion.

Transmitter tower above a blooming rapeseed field

Preparing for RDOF Funding

If you’re a qualified bidder for the RDOF Auction 904, you have to ask yourself, “Am I ready to win?” In the midst of this pandemic, your team has likely been busy studying, planning, filling out paperwork, and preparing to bid in the auction. The process has most certainly been stressful, but remember that this is only the beginning. In fact, reaching this point was the easy part.

The real work begins when the funding starts: designing and building the network, adhering to the technical specifications that you committed to in order to win, meeting the 40-percent and 60-percent completion milestones set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and doing it all on a budget. Most of you winners have completed such projects before and will certainly do so again, and you understand that it requires a great team effort. From engineering and construction to supply chain and outside consultants, contractors and suppliers must work together to get the job done.

That’s where American Products comes in. We believe that we can be a valuable part of your team.

American Products telecommunications cabinet

We knew this day was coming, so a few years ago, we started studying, planning, and investing our resources to ensure we would be prepared:

  • We expanded our product offerings to include everything from shelters/huts and active/passive fiber cabinets to pole-mount fiber storage brackets.
  • We constructed a complete integration facility inside of our manufacturing plant, which is strategically located in Strafford, Missouri, allowing us to provide solutions that take minimal field effort and support to deploy.
  • We invested in staff training and have FOA-certified fiber technicians on staff.
  • We have designed processes that allow us to work directly with you or your engineering firm to configure shelters or cabinets that meet your specific application requirements on a per-site basis. We can configure the exact amount of fiber, the exact environmental solution (in regard to heating/cooling), and the exact power requirements (both AC and DC) and ship the product directly to your site, already configured and tested.

Aren’t you tired of buying canned solutions that cost too much and don’t meet your needs? Aren’t you sick of bare-bones solutions that require you to spend weeks in the field integrating and activating the equipment, blowing your budget and timeline? With American Products, these situations will become a thing of the past. We can provide you with a customizable solution that meets your specific requirements, budget, and timeline and is made right here in the USA.

telecommunications equipment

If you’re planning to build a network, with or without RDOF funding, please reach out to one of our qualified Regional Directors to learn how we can help. If you leave your contact information by phone or email, we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also request a consultation on our website.