Why Is Integrating Products in the Factory Superior to Field Integration?

American Products can provide a fully integrated turn-key solution to meet specific design requirements. We have a very experienced engineering team and skilled technicians, backed by a Six Sigma-trained quality management group. This provides our customers with a faster time to deployment, cost savings, and consistently reliable product. Why is integrating products in the factory superior to field integration?

Why Is Integrating Products in the Factory Superior to Field Integration?

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Costs Are Lower

Factory integration typically offers 30% or more in cost savings. When products are integrated in the factory,
savings are found in the following ways:

  1. Factory labor typically costs less
  2. No truck rolls or travel costs
  3. Logistic control, reduce double or triple handling of materials
  4. Efficiency
  5. Faster deployment
  6. Environmentally controlled factory setting

ISO 9001 Certification Label

Consistency and Repeatability Create a Higher Quality Product

American Products has developed a consistent and repeatable process to achieve a high level of efficiency and quality. Our quality management team and our commitment to our ISO 9001 program ensures that our customers receive products that are ready to install. Unfortunately, these types of programs are very difficult and very costly to implement in the field.

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Factory Integration Provides a Controlled Environment

Our integration center provides a controlled environment, ensuring a successful, clean, and reliable product. Despite everyone’s best efforts, no one can completely predict or control the weather, air quality, wildlife, or even people. So it goes without saying — the field is uncontrolled. Waiting for these perfect conditions can cause deployment delays.

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Factory Integration Improves Logistics

Factory integration allows logistical advantages. Having all the parts and materials controlled and inventoried keeps the project on time and allows for expensive materials to be stored and accounted. Field integration cannot support this level of security and accountability. Save on numerous truck rolls when materials are not accounted for during field installation.

Factories Provide Testing Servicesgraphic checklist

Finally, American Products provides test data and quality checks for the integrated solution, so our customers can rest assured that the product will satisfy provided specifications.



At American Products, we integrate our exclusive line of telecommunications enclosures. Our team of engineers and expert technicians can take your requirements and turn them into functional, efficient, top-quality, turn-key solutions. Please review our current catalog of products. If you can’t find an enclosure that fits all of your design requirements, we will help you develop the perfect product for your application. We can modify any of our standard products or design and build a custom product that satisfies specific design demands.