How to Choose a Fiber-Optic Enclosure

Fiber optics are standard in most contemporary cable infrastructures today. These lines are made of optically pure glass and can carry digital information over long distances (source). Fiber-optic cables have revolutionized long-distance phone calls, cable TV, and the Internet for individuals and businesses alike. For high-density data centers, equipment rooms, and central offices, enclosures can effectively boost network performance, enhance working efficiency, and reduce expenditure. But these enclosures come in many different configurations and sizes. It may leave you wondering how to choose a fiber-optic enclosure that’s right for your business. Let American Products work with you to understand your needs and recommend a product that makes sense for you and your budget.

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How to Choose a Fiber-Optic Enclosure

Do you know how to choose a fiber-optic enclosure that effectively boosts network performance and enhances working efficiency for your business? Organization is key! Fiber-optic enclosures like rack mounts are specifically designed to accommodate customer requirements, like the number of connections you need, the storage space you have, your accessibility preferences, and your budget.

Space and Port Requirements

Rack mount enclosures are the most commonly used fiber-optic enclosures for the telecommunications industry. They come in different sizes and types with customizable panels and trays. Before purchasing your enclosure, determine your space and port requirements. Rack mounts are usually 19 inches and come in units of 1U, 2U, 3U, or 4U. That’s two panels, cassettes, or modules; four panels, cassettes, or modules; six panels, cassettes, or modules; or twelve panels, cassettes, or modules, respectively. Choose the most fitting size depending on the space and port requirement of your project. Knowing the height, depth, width, and weight of your equipment will help you determine your enclosure size. Be sure to consider near-future growth as well.

Accessibility Requirements

Your enclosure should provide plenty of access points through the rear and top of the cabinet for installation and ongoing maintenance. Accessing your enclosure to add cables, without moving or disturbing active fibers, isn’t always a simple task. Ask yourself if you prefer slide-out-type or lid-type enclosures for these situations.

Slide-out or swing-out support trays allow easier access to your equipment, but they often cost more. On the other hand, lid-type enclosures are generally more affordable but can be harder to access. Considering your preferences can help you choose an enclosure that makes sense for you.

Needed Accessories

Consider any additional devices you’d like to store in your enclosure, like hubs, routers, patch panels, and monitors. Any accessories that are not rack mountable will require additional trays, shelves, adapter plates, and other mounting accessories. Review these needed accessories before making your final purchase. If you can’t find a pre-manufactured option with everything you need, explore our custom enclosure solutions. At American Products, our engineers can design a fiber-optic enclosure that meets all your business needs.


Finding a fiber-optic enclosure that’s affordable and functional is your top priority. We get that. We also understand that sometimes, the dilemma of how to choose a fiber-optic enclosure comes down to budget. Should you choose budget-friendly equipment that works for the time being or custom, high-quality equipment that meets your needs now and in the future? It’s an investment decision that you have to make for yourself. Once you establish a budget, choosing an enclosure will become simpler.

How to Choose a Fiber-Optic Enclosure at American Products

Most of our customers start their search with our catalog of products. However, if you can’t find a fiber-optic enclosure that fits all of your design requirements, we will help you develop the perfect indoor or outdoor product for your application. All of our enclosures meet NEMA standards and are made right here in the United States. Interested? Contact us today for more information!

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