Rack Mount Enclosure


At American Products, we offer a variety of rack mount enclosures to suit our customers’ needs. Constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel, these outdoor equipment racks are sturdy, adjustable, and reliable. If you need help selecting a rack mount enclosure that meets your design requirements, provides functionality and flexibility, and stays within your budget, contact our expert team for assistance.

What Is a Rack Mount Enclosure?

An outdoor equipment rack is a cabinet designed to hold and organize standard rack-mountable telecommunications equipment. Often, this equipment already includes removable mounting brackets that fasten to the vertical rack rails inside rack mount enclosures. If the equipment is too heavy, however, or if it isn’t made for rack installation, you can simply install a rack mount shelf to hold or support it.

Rack mount enclosures often have removable front or rear doors, removable side panels, and four adjustable vertical mounting rails. In addition, the front and rear doors are typically ventilated to encourage ample airflow from front to back, through any installed equipment.

Rack mount enclosures help organize your equipment by consolidating network resources, minimizing the required floor space, and simplifying cabling among network components. Furthermore, they help protect your investment from many environmental conditions. Let American Products help you find the rack mount enclosure that’s right for you.

Customized for Your Application

A rack mount enclosure is ideal for applications that require heavier equipment, hotter equipment, and higher wattages per rack. It can be configured without doors or side panels for open frame applications in which higher weight capacities are required. For service providers’ equipment, you can add secure mounting space inside select enclosures to minimize space requirements and add another level of protection.

In addition to the vertical equipment mounting rails, these enclosures can include additional rails to mount accessories, like vertical cable managers and power distribution units (PDUs) for added organization. The possibilities for customization are limitless. Ask us how we can help you develop the perfect indoor or outdoor product for your telecommunications business.

Find the Right Rack Mount Enclosure at American Products

At American Products, we currently offer five rack mount enclosures in aluminum:

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Every outdoor equipment rack is designed to meet NEMA standards, comes with an excellent warranty, and is proudly handcrafted in the USA. Our support team has excellent problem-solving skills and can collaborate with you to create the ideal rack mount enclosure for your needs. We only offer high-quality products, and we take great care with the design, material selection, assembly, and delivery. If you don’t believe us, listen to our customers.

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