Outdoor Telcom Enclosure – Type 3R

Previously known as AP HERITAGE, the AP INDEPENDENCE™ Multibay front and rear entry doors allow technicians easy access to equipment in the standard racks. A variety of accessories are offered with these cabinets allowing each to be customized for its particular function. Climate control options include A/C, cooling and heating, and fan-forced filtered ventilation.

The AP INDEPENDENCE™ Enclosure has integrated front and rear access equipment chambers offering up to 84 RU of equipment rack space and is designed to industry standards. They are used when sensitive electronic equipment requires protection from harsh environmental conditions. They are offered in many sizes & capacities to accommodate any size project. Each equipment chamber has front & rear access with adjustable rack rails that can accommodate either 19” or 23” equipment. Each chamber also comes equipped with a pre-wired quad-electrical outlet as well as a 12-position single-point lug terminal strip standard.

Available custom accessories go even further to fit specific needs. Additional rack rails can be added to increase the capacity of each equipment chamber. Rack-mounted battery trays or an isolated vented battery compartment can house up to 4 standard telecommunication-style batteries. 6” mounting base with front and rear access can add cable slack storage.

Climate control such as air conditioning, heat exchangers or direct air cooling is also available. These and many other options make this one of the most versatile solutions available today!

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Commonly Used For

  • Cell Sites
  • Fiber Optics
  • Satellite Communications
  • Cable Television
  • Navigation & Positioning
  • Military Installation
  • General Industry
5 year warranty

Standard Offerings

  • .125 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • NEMA Protection: Designed to Type 3R, this enclosure protects against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and damage from external ice formation.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: We choose the highest quality materials to produce our enclosures. Type 304 stainless steel hardware will not rust in the field.
  • Powder Coat: Enclosures are powder coated and tested to the Telcordia specifications for telecom enclosures. Beige, Gray & White are standard. Custom colors are available.
  • Power: Pre-wired 20 Amp receptacles are a standard feature.
  • Numbered Adjustable Equipment Racks: 19″ or 23″
  • Solar Shield Roof: Includes a double wall roof to reduce the radiant heat and internal cooling requirements of the enclosure.
  • Grounding Terminal: 10 position copper strip.
  • Locking: Extremely secure, strong and impermeable.  Lockable handles and hinges are made from Type 304 steel.
  • Lifting Eyes: Crane ready lifting eyes for convenient way to offload and position your enclosure.
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Components Manufactured by American Products.
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Available in multiple configurations:


AM32P-6036-32RU32” x 60” x 36”32300 lbs
AM32P-6042-32RU32” x 60” x 42”32310 lbs
AM47P-6036-48RU47” x 60” x 36”48350 lbs
AM47P-6042-48RU47” x 60” x 42”48375 lbs
AM58P-6036-60RU58” x 60” x 36”60390 lbs
AM58P-6042-60RU58” x 60” x 42”60415 lbs
AM68P-6036-72RU68” x 60” x 36”72440 lbs
AM68P-6042-72RU68” x 60” x 42”72465 lbs
AM78P-6036-84RU78” x 60” x 36”84475 lbs
AM78P-6042-84RU78” x 60” x 42”84500 lbs


Load Center


Generator Plug & Interlock


Door Alarm

LED Interior Lighting

battery tray

Battery Tray



Additional Set of Rails


Battery Compartment

insulation Insulation
Recommended for climate control options


Laptop Tray


L Rail Set


Mount Plinth
4″ or 6″


Climate Control

ac control

AC 1,000 to 12,000 BTU/hr*

  • Built-in Heater
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cold Start Heater

ac control

AC 1,000 to 6,000 BTU/hr*

  • 48 VDC Powered


Exhaust Fan

  • 115VAC / 12, 24, 48VDC
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Filters Available



  • Built in adjustable thermostat
  • 100W-1000W 115VAC

heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

  • Consult factory for sizes

battery heater pad

Battery Heater Pad

  • 115VAC
  • Fits on Battery Tray

*Built in adjustable thermostat. Closed-loop system, 115/230 VAC

Configure Your AP INDEPENDENCE™ Multibay

32″ Tall – 32RU


47”  Tall – 48RU


58”  Tall – 60RU


68″ Tall – 72RU


78”  Tall – 84RU