Options for Enclosures

At American Products, we understand that every customer is unique. To suit our clientele’s wide range of applications and their distinct requests, we offer a number of different options for enclosures. When you find a product that meets your needs, explore the choices and upgrades available. If you can’t decide which features would be worthwhile to you, contact us for help. One of our enclosure specialists can help you sift through the possibilities or perhaps even help you design a custom enclosure.

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Options for Enclosures

We want you to be thrilled with the functionality, protection, structure, and durability of your enclosure. So before you purchase a standard product, review the extra options for enclosures. The possibilities vary based on which enclosure you select. You might be interested in one of the following features:

  • Additional Set of Rails: Need to increase the capacity or flexibility of an equipment chamber? You may be able to request an additional set of rails, which you can position where you like within the enclosure.
  • Battery Tray, Compartment, or Rack: If your enclosure will house equipment that runs on batteries, you may need a rack-mounted battery tray, an isolated and vented battery compartment, or perhaps a battery rack.
  • Cassette Splitters: A cassette splitter, most commonly used in passive optical networks (PONs), provides protection for the inner optical components and cable. We offer the following split ratios: 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, 2×32, and 1×64.
  • Climate Control: Extreme temperatures can damage electrical equipment, so many applications require enclosures with climate-control features. You may need an AC, exhaust fan, heater, heat exchanger, or battery heater pad.
  • Door Alarm: Need to protect sensitive equipment? A door alarm provides an added level of security for your enclosure.
  • Fiber Pigtail: When it comes to fiber optic cable installation, the configuration of the cables can greatly influence the success of the network. You may wish to use a fiber optic pigtail: a fiber optic cable that terminates with a connector at one end while leaving the other side free so that it can be melted with other optical fiber cables.
  • Generator Plug & Interlock: If you’re concerned about unexpected power outages and the inconveniences they can cause, consider adding a generator plug and interlock.
  • Insulation: If you’re purchasing a climate-controlled enclosure, we recommend that you also outfit the enclosure with insulation to control how much heat enters and exits.
  • Ladder Racks: Mounted to the top of an enclosure, ladder racks provided added space, manageability, and organization.
  • L Rail Set: An L rail set provides additional support when you’re mounting heavy equipment.
  • Laptop Tray: If you use a laptop in your day-to-day routine, installing a laptop tray in your enclosure could be invaluable. Many laptop trays are portable and adjustable for your convenience.
  • LED Interior Lighting: If you’re using an enclosure in bad lighting conditions but visibility is important, you can include LED interior lighting.
  • Load Center: Also called an electrical panel, breaker box, or fuse box, the load center can take supplied electricity and distribute it to equipment safely.
  • Locking Mechanisms: To protect the equipment housed within it, your enclosure might include a locking mechanism. The best locks are extremely sturdy and durable while remaining convenient for easy access.
  • Mount Options: Do you need your enclosure mounted? If you request a mountable enclosure, you can maximize your floor space. You can also use a plinth (a heavy, structural base support) for mounting.
  • NEMA Protection: NEMA standards grade enclosures based on their level of protection against access to hazardous parts and their defense against environmental hazards. Once you understand the environment of an application, you can select an enclosure with an appropriate NEMA rating for protection.
  • Numbered 19″ or 23″ EIA Standard Relay Racks: These standardized racks can mount multiple electronic equipment modules.
  • Splice Trays: Available in counts of 12 and 24, splice trays can manage and protect splices, providing a clean and safe environment.
  • Surge Arrestor: To ensure your equipment is safe and reliable, use a surge protector to protect it from over-voltage transients.
  • Upgraded Copper Ground Bar: Ground bars help safeguard electrical equipment from bad weather conditions (like electrical storms), protecting them from electrical shocks caused by high voltage. We offer a copper ground bar as an upgrade.
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Purchase Your Enclosure Today

We also offer a variety of customization options for enclosures. Our team of expert fabricators can take your requirements and turn them into functional, efficient, top-quality products. Most of our customers begin by reviewing our current catalog of products. However, if you can’t find an enclosure that fits all of your design requirements, we will help you develop the perfect product for your application. We can modify any of our standard products or design and build a custom product that satisfies your engineering and design demands. Plus, all of our enclosures meet NEMA standards. Contact us today for more information.