Lightweight Enclosure Solutions for Rooftops

Lightweight Enclosure Solutions

In some areas, such as heavily built-up and densely populated urban areas, ground-level real estate can be at a premium. This means that service providers must find creative ways to deploy their equipment to serve their customers.

One common way of overcoming the issue is by utilizing building rooftops.

For some providers, this might be a new option that brings a variety of questions with it.

For example, what enclosures would qualify for rooftop deployment? Will these enclosures be built differently from enclosures that are deployed on the ground? What information does the enclosure manufacturer need to develop the enclosure solution?

Let’s take a look at the main questions network providers will be asked when speaking with a manufacturer about a rooftop-specific enclosure.


For ground deployment, enclosure/shelter weight is mainly important for loading, shipping and unloading purposes. In regard to rooftop deployments, though, the enclosure weight requires more thought. It’s important to explore lightweight enclosure solutions.

Depending on the building and municipality, there are likely restrictions on how big the enclosure can be. This is one area where enclosures/shelters made of metal and/or wood really shine–they tend to be significantly lighter than their concrete counterparts.

The overall enclosure area is also important to consider. Rooftops have limited real estate available, so network providers need to ensure their new enclosure is the right size for a rooftop.

Network providers should speak to the building’s owner and/or architect to ensure the enclosure/shelter they need will fit the building’s specifications.


Network providers also need to consider how they can get the enclosure to the desired location.

In addition to delivering the enclosure to the building (no small feat for larger enclosures going to crowded areas), the network provider needs a way to put the enclosure on top of the building. Sometimes, this can be done via a crane. In other situations, the provider might need to arrange for the enclosure to be airlifted to the rooftop.

If neither of those options is available or if the provider is operating on a tighter budget, American Products offers compact enclosures that can be delivered to the rooftop in an access elevator.


Network providers should also consult with the building owner and/or architect to discuss how they’re going to install the enclosure.

On the ground, providers often use a concrete pad to mount their enclosure, and then they anchor the enclosure, cabinet or building to that pad. Due to weight limitations, concrete isn’t likely to be an option for rooftop deployments. Instead, the network provider will need to discuss anchoring the enclosure to steel beams or determine some other means of bolting down the enclosure.


At American Products, we offer a variety of heavy-duty, yet lightweight, cabinets, enclosures and even shelters that can be deployed in rooftop applications. In addition, we can factory-integrate the features service providers need to ensure they’re meeting their customers’ needs.

To learn more about our lightweight enclosure solutions, contact the American Products specialists at 417.323.6312.

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