Integrated Solutions – Marketing Ploy or Cost Savings Tool?

In the telecommunications and networking industry, you can purchase enclosures as “integrated solutions” or “multiple point solutions.”

An integrated solution denotes a factory-rigged enclosure that is ready to go, while multiple point solutions result in a company needing to source components and accessories from different vendors and having them installed independently.

While an integrated solution obviously sounds better, is it really, or is it just a buzzword designed to draw customers in? Why would a company want to invest in that versus hiring their own third-party vendors to get the enclosures they need? Is one even better than the other?

Read on to learn what an “integrated solution” means at American Products, and why we feel it’s a better fit for telecommunications and networking companies who want to get their network up and running quicker and for less.

enclosure from American Products

What Are Integrated Solutions?

When a telecommunications or networking organization purchases an enclosure from American Products, they can easily purchase just a simple cabinet without any additional accessories. Or, they can purchase an enclosure as a fully integrated solution.

This means the shelter, enclosure or cabinet reaches the customer’s site with all the accessories and wiring factory installed.

Why Buy an Integrated Solution?

Factory integration is much more efficient and economical than field integration. With an American Products integrated enclosure solution, customers just have to prepare the site, install the enclosure when it arrives, have a technician wire in their networking equipment and connect the fiber pigtail to the hand hole.

There’s no need to call in someone to hook up an air conditioner, fan/heater solution, load center or add power receptacles.

In addition to that convenience for the customer, factory integration results in a higher-quality product. It’s much easier to control quality and ensure proper installation in the safety of a factory setting.

It comes together to ensure faster deployment when the enclosure reaches the field, as well as higher quality installations, more consistent products and fewer costs.

Product Integrations

Here are the most common equipment and services American Products customers order integrated into their enclosure.

AC Power Systems

  • Load centers
  • Generator backup (manual or automatic transfer)
  • Surge protection

DC Power Systems

  • DC power rectifiers & converters
  • Batteries, battery cables & battery disconnects
  • DC distribution systems (GMT &/or MCB)
  • Equipment wiring & grounding


  • Ground bars
  • Equipment & chassis grounding
  • Halo Ground System (HGS)

Climate Control Systems

  • HVAC unit
  • Heat exchangers
  • Fan systems
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • High-velocity direct air cooling

Fiber Optics

  • Cable management systems
  • Parking lots for fiber storage
  • Splitter, LGX, ABS cassette & coupler installation
  • Fiber (pre-connectorized or fusion spliced) integration

Fiber Installation

In addition to the previously mentioned fiber optic accessories, the American Products manufacturing facility features an environmentally controlled, fiber optics integration room. In the 2,000-square foot room, our certified fiber technicians provide fiber optics testing through bulkhead, OTDR and light-source testing. American Products then provides that test data on a thumb drive with each cabinet.

Packaging & Delivery

We don’t just handle integrating the accessories you need into your new enclosure solution. We also then handle securely packaging your enclosure to ensure it arrives at your site undamaged. And then, we can handle the shipping to also make sure it arrives on time and ready to go when you need it.


American Products offers a number of enclosures, accessory integrations and shipping options to help ensure our products meet each telecommunications and networking customer’s needs just right. When you’re ready to design and order your new integrated enclosure solution, contact our enclosure specialists at 417.736.2135.

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