H-Frames Provide Convenient Fiber Slack Storage


As telecommunications organizations expand their fiber optics networks, they need durable and convenient ways to store fiber slack for later retrieval and use. At American Products, we offer H-frame fiber slack storage solutions to provide network providers a convenient, easy-to-access and extremely durable means to store their excess fiber.

What sets the American Products H-frames from the rest of the industry? Read on to find out.



When developing the H-frame, the American Products engineering team took time to create a design that would be convenient and long-lasting.

While other organizations were producing frames that came pre-assembled and welded together, our team opted for a version that could be broken down for easier shipping. This also ensures the frames don’t take up as much room in the network providers’ inventory or the service workers’ vehicle. The network provider’s team can stow the box of H-frames (they come two to a box to reduce wasted space even further) in the back of their work trucks.

To simplify assembly, every H-frame features pressed-in, threaded studs in the center piece. At the site, technicians can unbox the frame and quickly assemble it by lining up the studs with the holes in the crossarms. Secure them with the included hardware kit and the frame is ready to deploy.

For maximum convenience, our engineers designed the H-frame to accommodate a variety of installation methods. For one, technicians can put a lag bolt into the wooden pole and hang the H-frame using the keyholes down the center structure. Strap slots also allow organizations to band the H-frame to a metal pole.

In addition, the center channel has holes punched into it for mounting a splice enclosure.


As well as being convenient to store, set up and install, the American Products team designed the H-frames to be tough and stand up to the elements for years to come.

We use galvanized steel that is stamped and formed into the individual parts. In addition, we weld the fiber brackets onto the cross arms. We use 12-gauge galvanized steel because it offers exceptional corrosion resistance, especially after we powder coat all the parts.


There are a number of pole-mountable fiber slack storage solutions currently on the market. When considering which one is right for their needs, network providers should consider how easy the solution is to store and install, as well as how well the frame is constructed and how much it costs.


If you’re interested in learning more about the American Products H-frame, please contact the American Products specialists at 417.323.6312.

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