Why Is It Important to Protect Telecom Equipment from Electrical Surges?

American Products can provide a fully integrated turn-key solution to meet specific design requirements. We have a very experienced engineering team and skilled technicians, backed by a Six Sigma-trained quality management group. This provides our customers with a faster time to deployment, cost savings, and consistently reliable product. Why is it Important to Protect Telecom Equipment Against Electrical Surges?


Why is it Important to Properly Protect Electrical Equipment?

Our reliance on reliable communications is greater than it has ever been. And those wireless and fiber communications systems we count on to function must be designed to survive and continue functioning in the sometimes hostile environment that they are exposed to. Highly sophisticated and sensitive communications systems is our new normal, and protecting that equipment is an essential requirement.

One of the biggest threats to communications systems has always been electrical surges coming from a variety of sources. We rely on commercial electrical systems to power our communications equipment, and those direct connections sometimes also bring unwanted energy. Electrical surges from thunderstorm activity can manifest themselves in many ways ranging from voltage spikes all the way to direct lightning strikes. We must be prepared.

Designing effective electrical protection begins with proper grounding and bonding. A well-designed protection strategy also includes placement of surge protection devices designed to direct unwanted electrical energy away from the protected equipment. American Products manufactures enclosures in many sizes and provides communications equipment design and integration services. Our protection design methodology is based on a thorough understanding and application of the influence/coupling/susceptibility interference model and is founded on industry standards and manufacturing best practices.

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American Products manufactures enclosures in many sizes and provides communications integrations services, including grounding designs and surge suppression systems. By incorporating surge protection, grounding, bonding, and electric power design together, American Products can ensure that all these important elements work together in those most effective manner to achieve maximum reliability and survivability.

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