Top Hinging High Security CATV MDU Enclosure

The American Product’s MDU enclosures are a family of apartment security boxes for the cable television industry. These enclosures are an economical solution to high level security applications, and available in a variety of sizes and internal mounting arrangements. There are multiple knockouts for cable entry allowing various sizes of cable and conduit.

Common Uses

The MDU Apartment Box Enclosures provide suitable mounting facilities and security for taps splitters and filters.

mdu enclosure


  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Superior chemical resistance and will withstand ultra-violet radiation
  • Equipment housing will withstand many years of service
  • Easy to work on equipment from any angle
  • Top hinged cover with integrated cover prop arm
  • Several lock styles available, including: Self Locking DX/NX/MX keyed lock
  • Star Pattern security screws
  • Locking System: Self latching
  • Intertite lock
  • Optional wood backboard or metal mounting plates are available
  • Powder Coated: 720 Hrs salt spray compliant to GR487 standards
  • Design: Top Hinging High Security

Standard offerings

12H x 12W x 8D
18H x 12W x 8D
18H x 18W x 8D
24H x 18W x 8D
24H x 24W x 8D

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