HVAC 2200 BTU 115V (AM32P-AC2000-115)

Rotary Compressor, Thermostat Adjustable for Cooling or Heating, UL Listed

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DANTHERM’s line of Air Conditioners is specifically designed for the removal of heat from cabinets containing temperature-sensitive electrical, electronic, or telecommunications equipment. Closed-loop cooling maintains a clean, sealed internal environment to ensure optimum performance and maximum service life of the enclosed electronics, while protecting against the intrusion of airborne contaminants and humidity.

Model Specs:

  • Cooling capacity at 131°F int./amb. (55°C/55°C) BTU/h [W]: 2480 [726]
  • Cooling capacity at 95°F int./amb. (35°C/35°C) BTU/h [W]: 2150 [629]
  • Internal airflow by air conditioning CFM [m³/h]: 100 [170]
  • External airflow by air conditioning CFM [m³/h]: 100 [170]
  • Refrigerant type: R134a
  • Operational temperature range °F [°C]: -40 to 131 [-40 to 55]
  • Noise, 1.5m distance dB(A): 64
  • Heater Watts: 500
  • Input voltage Volts: 115 VAC
  • Frequency Hz: 60 Hz
  • Max power consumption (Cooling) Amps: 8.0
  • RoHS, UL and cUL compliant: SA10718
  • Contruction Material: Galvanized Steel

Standard Features

  • Closed-loop cooling to prevent ingress of environmental contaminants
  • Designed for electronics cooling with high ambient temperatures – operates to 55°C/131°F
  • Integrated Dantherm USACG-6 controller
  • High-quality, high-performance, high-pressure drop BCI fans
  • Easy access to critical components for better service
  • Bottom intake allows for reduced noise and better protection from contaminants
  • Environmentally-friendly R134A refrigerant
  • Compact mono-block unit for easy installation in indoor and outdoor applications