At American Products, we handle every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. Whether you need a standard, modified, or completely custom telecommunication enclosure, we can manage the project from start to finish. We design, fabricate, integrate, and logically package and ship our products. Through detailed organization, we implement complex operations to ensure the quality of our products. When it comes to logistics, you can count on American Products to deliver the goods.

Shipping Options

American Products supports domestic shipping via collect or prepaid and add. With collect, the carrier will collect the transportation charges from the customer. With prepaid and add, we pay the transportation charges and then add those charges to the invoice for reimbursement from the customer. We ship in and out of our building, and we provide a variety of shipping options, including engineered shipping solutions, to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs. Our high-quality, yet cost-effective packaging fully protects our products, so that they arrive at your door intact, unblemished, and ready for action.

We also support wood packing restrictions in international shipping, also known as ISPM 15. This standard addresses the need for treatment of all wood packaging made of softwood or hardwood species, and it requires that applicable packaging carries a special mark for certification purposes.


American Products offers superior management services. We can manage customer-supplied materials for projects with large volumes, and we can handle customer-supplied parts that go into cabinets. In addition, we have the ability to manage direct shipments to our client’s customers as if they were coming directly from our client.

To learn more about the logistics of American Products, please contact us today.

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