At American Products, when we say we offer integrated enclosures, we mean that. Which is why we do more than just manage the design and production of every enclosure–we also take care of the logistics of shipping and delivering your enclosure to your site. And that starts with building our own high-quality, yet cost-effective, packaged to protect our equipment from the time it leaves our facility to its arrival at your location.


We support domestic shipping via collect or prepaid (PPD) & add.

With collect, the carrier will collect the transportation charges directly from the customer. With prepaid (PPD) & add, the seller (American Products) prepays the transportation charges, which are then added into the final invoice to be paid by the customer. We ship directly in and out of our manufacturing facility and provide a variety of options, including engineered solutions, to ensure we meet your needs.

We can also manage direct shipments to our clients’ customers as if the product was coming directly from the client.

We also support wood-packing restrictions when shipping internationally, i.e., ISPM-15. This means that all wood packaging 6mm or thicker must be treated to help prevent the spread of disease. Our international shipments are marked as such.


In addition to shipping and building our own products, we can manage services for you. That means that we can oversee projects that involve customer-supplied materials to produce large volumes of products. We can also handle and integrate customer-supplied parts into cabinets.

To learn more about American Products logistics services, please contact us today.

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