Engineering & Design


American Products offers engineering and design services to produce unique solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. Our team combines years of experience with top-notch technologies to ensure our enclosures are tough, functional, efficient and versatile. That means we can take our standard enclosures and modify them to meet an individual business’ needs. We can also collaborate directly with customers to create new products per their requirements and specifications.

Our team uses the latest 3D-modeling software to design our enclosures, so customers can see a virtual rendering of their enclosure in an interactive review. This allows them to evaluate the design and review the details without even leaving their office.

Our Services

Full Design Capability

At American Products, we’re proud to provide full design capabilities to our customers. We begin by defining the customer’s issues and conducting research to identify the best solution. Then, we specify design criteria to ensure we incorporate all of the customer’s needs. When the design proposal is approved, we build a prototype for testing. This helps us amend and improve the enclosure–when we have a successful prototype, we build the final product.

Modified & Customized Products

Most of our customers begin the project by reviewing our product catalog. However, in cases where they can’t find a product that meets their needs, we will help develop the proper solution for the application. Whether that means modifying our standard products with different elements or technologies, or designing a custom product, we can build the enclosure the meets virtually any customer’s needs.

3D Modeling

American Products designers use Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design software. With this software, we can accurately shape our customers’ enclosure solutions, communicate project decisions, document designs, change designs, analyze possibilities and share prototypes. The 3D capabilities also allow us to present a virtual build of the finished product to the customer. And, our customers can then review their new enclosure from their own offices–even if they don’t have Autodesk!

Design Webinars

We host webinars so our customers can review enclosure designs and provide real-time feedback. This helps us quickly and efficiently communicate with customers, increase our productivity and improve designs.

Bill of Materials

A bill of materials (BOM) is essentially a recipe for a product–it lists all the raw materials, assemblies, components, and parts needed to manufacture the product. We use a BOM for every enclosure to ensure all the correct parts and sub-assemblies are used. It also helps assist with communication between the designers and engineers.

To learn more about our engineering and design services, feel free to contact us.

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