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American Products offers engineering and design services, which we use to tackle our customers’ unique requests and dilemmas. To create functional, efficient, and versatile telecommunication enclosures, we rely on top-notch technology and our employees’ expertise. If you like one of our standard products but it doesn’t quite meet your requirements, we can modify the design to create the ideal customized product for your needs. We also collaborate with our customers to create new products built to our customers’ specifications.

Our designs are created using 3D modeling software, which allows us to offer our customers live, interactive design reviews. Without ever leaving your office, you can evaluate the design of your custom enclosure and assess all of the details.

Our Engineering and Design Services

Full Design Capability

American Products is proud to offer full design capability. We begin by defining the customer’s problem and conducting research to identify the best possible solution. Then, we specify design criteria to ensure that we incorporate all of the customers’ demands. Upon approval of the design proposal, we will build a prototype for testing. The test results will help us amend and improve the enclosure, and once we achieve a successful prototype, we will build the complete final design.

Modified and Customized Products

Most customers begin by reviewing our current catalog of products. However, if you can’t find a product that fits all of your design requirements, we will help you develop the perfect product for your application. We can modify our standard products, incorporating the elements and technologies you need. Moreover, we can design and build a custom product that satisfies all of your engineering and design demands.

3D Modeling Using Autodesk

American Products relies on Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design software. We use this technology throughout the development process to shape our ideas, communicate project decisions with customers, document designs, analyze possibilities, and share prototypes. The three-dimensional capability will help you fully imagine the final product. Even if your company doesn’t use Autodesk software, we can share our documents with you so that you can quickly view and evaluate our designs.

Design Webinars

We host webinars (seminars conducted over the Internet), so that our clients can review our designs and offer feedback in real time. The technology enhances our ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with our clients, which helps us increase our productivity and save time and money.

Engineering Bill of Materials

A bill of materials (sometimes shortened to BOM) is a list of the raw materials, assemblies, components, parts, and quantities required to manufacture an end product. We use an engineering bill of materials to ensure all the correct parts and sub-assemblies meet the specified criteria. This product recipe assists with communication between everyone involved in the design and engineering process of a specific product.

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